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UGlobe Consultancy Group

What is UGlobe Consultancy?

The UGlobe Consultancy is a three-month project that gives students the chance to combine their academic research skills with direct client contact and cooperate with students from diverse disciplines on a research project that directly aids a client. 


The UGlobe Consultancy Group 2020 is currently working on a project on decolonising higher education. The consultancy project is commissioned by and executed in collaboration with the chairs of Global Citizenship, Global Learning and Inclusive Education of the Centre of Expertise Global & Inclusive Learning at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS).


The objective of the consultancy project is threefold. First of all, it remains of great relevance to contribute to a holistic understanding of what decolonisation in higher education entails. Decolonisation in the context of higher education is still a relatively new topic, but the high potential for social transformation is undeniable. The second objective therefore, is to develop a framework mapping the constituent elements of decolonisation, identifying indicators of the decolonisation process. Three main categories will be considered: the curriculum, the study programme, and institutional governance. The third objective is then to apply this framework to the case of THUAS, in order to assess their progress in decolonising education and promoting global and inclusive learning. 


Drawing on diverse academic backgrounds, our team - Ruba Aldaher, Droovi de Zilva, Anaïs Fopma, Mirthe Hendriks, Jannes Pittermann, and Fenna Vogelzang - will adopt a critical and multidisciplinary perspective. The final product will be a research report for THUAS, which will be presented in a closing conference (date to be announced).

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