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Seminar: Spores of Empire: Dutch Culture and its Imperial Archive | #5: Slavery & Abolition

6 March, 14.00 - 17.00, Drift 25 room 102, Utrecht University

In 2012, the Royal Dutch Historical Society organized a conference on ‘A New Dutch imperial culture?’, including the question mark. One of the themes addressed in the conference was the issue of colonial cultures in the Netherlands: the way colonialism has affected and influenced Dutch society. Although the proceedings of the conference contain various good examples of colonial cultures in the Netherlands, we still have a long way to go in order to assess the dynamics and impact of cultures of colonialism in the Netherlands.
The Spores of Empire seminars address specific manifestations and media of cultural transfer in the Netherlands from the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century. Speakers explore the depths and width of, especially, the ‘second-hand’ colonial experience. They will listen to the echoes of empire, look for the spores of the imperial imagination, overt and veiled, direct and indirect.

The speakers for this seminar are: 

  • Nancy Jouwe (Freelance Researcher)

  • Sophie van den Elzen (Utrecht University)

  • Sarah Adams (Universiteit Gent)

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