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Settler Colonialism at the Bar: 4-5 October 2018

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4 OCTOBER 2018

19h Dinner (only for workshop presenters and chairs listed on the programme)
Prêt à Porter, Korte Jansstraat 4, Utrecht

5 OCTOBER 2018

Location: Room 1.06, Ravensteynzaal, Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, 3512 HM Utrecht, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands

9:30h Welcome and introduction of Brenna Bahndar by Henk Addink

10h-11h Keynote Brenna Bhandar(45 min lecture – 15 min questions)

11h-11:30h coffee break and informal discussion of keynote (30 min)

11:30h-13:00h PANEL 1: Africa and Settler Colonialism (20 min presentations – 30 min discussion)

  • Chair: Diana Maria Natermann, Assistant Professor, Leiden University

  • Speaker 1: Inge Van Hulle, Assistant Professor Legal History, Tilburg University: ‘Property, Legitimate Commerce and Empire in Africa’

  • Speaker 2 : Thanasis Kinias, PhD. Student History, Northeastern University: ‘Queensland as a White Space: Race and Space in a Settler Colony’

  • Speaker 3 : Alessio, Dominic, Professor of History, Richmond University, The American International University in London: ‘From the Dutch East India Company to Daewoo: Empires, Corporations and the Second Scramble for Africa’

13:00h-13:30h Lunch (30 min)

13:30h-15:00h PANEL 2: Defining Legal concepts (20min presentations – 30 min discussions)

  • Chair: Laura Henderson, Post-Doctoral Researcher Utrecht University

  • Speaker 1: Allison L. Fisher, Phd. Candidate, University of Amsterdam: ‘Whitespace: How Dutch Law addresses institutional racism in the Netherlands’

  • Speaker 2: Amanda L. Behm, Lecturer in Modern History, University of York: ‘Saxons on the Pacific: The U.S. annexation of California and frontier justice in British political and legal thought’

  • Speaker 3: Alexander Stingl, Independent Scholar Fellow (Independent Social Research Foundation), Sociology, Fondation maison des sciences de l’homme, Paris: ‘The Bioeconomy agenda between Legal Pragmatism and a General Ecology of Law:Settler Colonialism and transnational law in the relations between extraction and life’

15:00h-15:15 coffee break (15 min)

15:15h-16:45h PANEL 3: America and Settler Colonialism (20 min presentations – 45 min discussion)

  • Chair: Mathijs Kuipers, Lecturer in History, Utrecht University

  • Speaker 1: Marianne Kongerslev, Assistant Professor of anglophone literature and culture, Aalborg University, Denmark: ‘Nativizing the Mountain Folk: Representations of Land(ownership) in Appalachian and Ozarkian Literature’

  • Speaker 2: René Dietrich, Postdoctoral researcher, Universität Mainz: ‘Possessive Imagery: The Representation of “Indianness” as Colonial Property and Its Disavowal’

  • Speaker 3: Tamar Blickstein, Postdoctoral researcher in anthropology, Freie Universität Berlin, ‘Settler Colonialism in Latin America: the Double Logic of Dispossession in the Argentine Chaco’

16:45h Closing Remarks by Rachel Gillett (15 min presentation – 30 min general discussion)

17h End of the workshop

People who want to attend this meeting should RSVP via e-mail

For more information Please contact Frank Gerits: or
With the help of our student-assistant: Lars Donkor

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Find a conference report here

Organising DecolGroup Members

  • Frank Gerits, Urecht University

  • Rachel Gilllett, Utrecht University

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