Reading Lists

A Teaching Guide, as its name suggests, is a guide we came up with as a product of a workshop. The workshop was about sharing and discussing our techniques and practices in the classroom. The fruitful discussions and ideas that were shared during the workshop are put together in this paper.  This is not a definitive set of recommendations, but  a list of suggestions and ideas about how we as a group try to decolonise teaching. It's available both in Dutch and English.

Making sure that a solid proportion of the readings in class are by authors and scholars from under-represented groups, is not an easy task. Since such texts are likely to be less popular or less immediately available, finding them and assessing their usefulness involves considerable effort.


The Diversity Reading List offers a quick way of finding texts and evaluating their relevance for your teaching. For more information, view the Diversity Reading List website. As of now, the Diversity Reading List focuses mainly on decolonising the university reading lists within Philosophy. 

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